Some say art offers a higher quality of life. in real terms… life without art has no quality..

FACES in and out of the Crowd


Over the years faces have been a muse, an offer I could not refuse, haunting my thoughts; clouds and piercing solar rays mingling in vain pursuits by day, stars and silvery trails from the stoic Moon infusing the elixir of night. They captured my imagination, the willing slave of their ever-changing countenance as much as I , through the mechanical apparatus so ubiquitous and now a tool worthy of collection, the analogue camera, have captured the quintessence of a coincidence. In hind site whenever this is possible beyond the blind spot, through a lens in the back of my head, the realisation dawned of a strange kind of logic, an itinerary tailored to the will and the imagination of all participants in a dance of life I could compare to the amazingly beautifully synchronised flight of flocks of birds as they circle and whirl above our grey angular cities, the signature of meaning in its pure indefinable form, somehow sending the random party back to the void.

Although the journey is not, as far as I can tell, at an end, it is a chapter that closes, opening a new volume, turning a page at once blank and filled with signs to be deciphered and transformed into symbols that will find their way to those who seek them out.

I am grateful to have witnessed this side of existence, those who populate its planes and valleys, the most surprising encounters, the least expected turns of events, revealing a vast cross section of emotions and unspoken feelings, all mingling into a furnace of genesis continually remodelling the complexes we are made off, deep in the psyche of each particular being, yet following a musical harmony that betrays the intelligence of a universe slowly but surely fusing with our collective consciousness.

Here are thus faces mostly of human origin, looking inward and outward while the eye of a passer by reciprocates and fixes upon time a fleeting image of this instant. It is not static however, it is part of a live connection between different chemical states of being, some of which are etheric, astral, and cosmic, for we are not separate from the immensity that surrounds and inhabits us; I like to remind us of this simple truth.